Portuguese pharmaceutical company foresees to start in 2011, the construction of a new factory, in two alternative locations

Tecnimede, pharmaceutical company of 100% Portuguese capital, will strengthen its internationalization strategy with the construction of one or two new factories. An investment of 15 to 40 million Euros which should start in 2011.
"These are investments that are still dependent of a few limitations, but that can reach in one case to 15 million Euros and if we consider both, we can reach the 40 million Euros," says Miguel Ruas, Tecnimede administrator, responsible for the internationalization, without disclosing which are the countries under study.

For now, the company has subsidiaries in Spain and Morocco and a ‘portfolio‘ of exports to over than 40 countries, being waiting, as mentioned by Miguel Ruas, for marketing authorizations of medicinal products in more 32 markets in Europe, Middle East, United States and Latin America.

The second largest Portuguese Pharmaceutical Company, right after Bial, develops activity in the area of generics, marketing medicinal products in the areas of infectious diseases, cardiovascular system, dermatology, oncology and respiratory tract, among others.