We are facing an adverse environment

In an interview that gave to País Económico, Miguel Ruas, Administrator and International Director of the Tecnimede Group, reacts with pessimism to the measures that have being taken by the Government relating to the reduction of medicinal products prices.
"It is a situation that greatly affects not only the Tecnimede Group, but whole the health area in Portugal, at the laboratories, distribution, and even the pharmacies level," noted Miguel Ruas, who seize the opportunity to point out to the fact that this situation is already causing dismissals in the pharmaceutical industry sector.

On the other hand, and after noting that the value of the prices lowering between 2008 and 2010 have already exceeded 50%, Miguel Ruas says that if this situation continues for much longer, the Tecnimede Group and the pharmaceutical industry sector will become immensely fragile. "We are facing an adverse environment.", he regrets.