The direction is towards Excellence

With a course of three decades, the Tecnimede Group has been carrying out since some years from now, a remarkable effort at the Quality and Technological Innovation levels, intending to consolidate the direction towards Excellence.
With a turnover that in 2008 amounted to 100 million Euros, the Tecnimede Group invested 20 per cent of this value in Research and Development, creating this way the necessary know-how to assert itself as a weight “player“ in the national and external markets, where its products are sold in almost all countries of Europe.

Present in Morocco since a few years, through Tecnimede Maroc, and in Spain through Tecnimede España, the Tecnimede Group is now aware to Angola, a country to where exports through a distributor, being studying the creation of a credible partnership that allow the Group a more substantial presence in that which is considered today one of the fastest growing economies worldwide.

In an interview to País Económico, Miguel Ruas, administrator and Director of the International Department of the Tecnimede Group, talked about the pillars that have motivated the sustained growth of his organization.