The experienced technicians of Atlantic Pharma provide daily support to the production of Tecnimede Group clients, incorporating the clients Quality Systems requirements in the Atlantic Pharma Quality System or give assistance to the development of a quality system.

To ensure that manufactured products meet the regulatory expectations and standard industrial processes, the Atlantic Pharma alterations control system ensures the maintenance of validated processes.

1.    Quality Control

Atlantic Pharma provides a wide range of services in the area of Quality Control. Its laboratories have the capacity to perform all the tests required by the production process, both in Physical, Chemical or Microbiological terms in APIs, Finished Product and Bulk Product.

Atlantic Pharma also has the capacity to carry out stability testing, statistical analysis and report to its clients.

2.    Quality Assurance

Atlantic Pharma also provides validation services in the area of Quality Assurance, in particular:
  • Validation of the manufacturing process
  • Validation of the packaging process
  • Analytical Validation
  • Development of Master Plans
  • Documentation control
  • Control in alterations management