Labor Qualitas

Labor Qualitas is the Research & Development pole of the Tecnimede Group.

Created in 1997 and established in a total area of 2 hectares, Labor Qualitas has a constructed area of 3000 m2, of which 1500 m2 correspond to the laboratory area.

Currently has a multidisciplinary team composed by approximately 60 co-workers with training in the Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, Biology and Medicine areas, strongly oriented to the needs of Research & Development of the world today.

The R&D activities the GTM carried out in Labor Qualitas, are focused on the following 4 areas:
  • Chemical Research and Development
  • Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
  • Clinical Research
  • Analytical Chemistry

In more detail, the R&D activities include:
  • Development and research of new molecular entities;
  • Development of new synthesis procedures;
  • Development of pharmaceutical formulations (oral solid, injectable and semi-solid);
  • Analytical development and validation;
  • Processes development and validation;
  • Pharmacological screening;
  • Toxicological studies;
  • Clinical studies;
  • Cell culture.

Since the beginning of each project, the excellence in the performance and quality are a constant objective for the Tecnimede Group.

Labor Qualitas is certified by Infarmed in accordance to the OECD principles for Good Laboratory Practice, by IPAC to the standard NP EN /IEC ISO 17025, and also to the Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP – Chapter 6 “Quality Control” being one of the laboratories at European level with the technical capacity for the analysis and release of medicinal products to Europe.

The commitment to excellence, allowed to the GTM the successful completion of more than 80 pharmaceutical products for human use, which generated so far, more than 2,000 Marketing Authorizations worldwide.