Tecnimede Morocco

Founded in 1999, Tecnimede Marrocos is one of the subsidiaries of the Tecnimede Group, which has been dedicated to the improvement and preservation of human health and life through the development and marketing of pharmaceutical products, with a strong focus on the Industrial Quality, in the Bioequivalence Studies and in the Technological Innovation.

Tecnimede Marrocos occupies a prominent position in the several therapeutic areas that its products over and is a reference of quality in Cardiology, Urology, Respiratory Area, Dermatology and most recently in the Oncology, Neurology and Rheumatology areas.

Tecnimede Marrocos has currently more than 80 co-workers with a strong technical-scientific potential strongly motivated to achieve the main mission of the subsidiary:
  • Allow that an increasing number of patients access to medicinal products of Tecnimede Marrocos, which meet the most demanding European quality standards;
  • Develop and strengthen the collaboration of the medical and pharmaceutical profession, favoring and strengthening the relations based on ethical values and focused on the patient.