Pharmacovigilance in Tecnimede Group

The Pharmacovigilance Area of the Tecnimede Group is part of the Medical Department, whose contact details are:

Zona Industrial da Abrunheira
Rua da Tapada Grande, n.º 2 - Abrunheira
2710-089 Sintra

Fax: +351 210 414 105
Telephone: +351 210 414 119

If you become aware of any suspicious of adverse reaction with one of the Tecnimede Group medicinal products, please contact us through the contacts mentioned above.

Purposes of the Tecnimede Group Pharmacovigilance Area

  • Collection and assessment of all suspicious of adverse reactions and notification of those to the Regulatory Authorities in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Contribution to the appropriate monitoring of the safety data of the medicinal products from the Tecnimede Group, through the submission of Periodic Safety Reports ("periodic communication and up-to-date of the safety information available at worldwide level regarding each medicinal product, together with the scientific assessment of their risks and benefits").
  • Contribution for the improvement of the National and European Pharmacovigilance System.
  • Development of a Proactive Pharmacovigilance attitude.
  • Improve the information made available to doctors/pharmacists and contribute to a secure and rational prescription of medicinal products.