Mission and Values

Our success depends essentially of the criativity, motivation and goals achieved by our Employees.

The mission is the clear and robust demonstration of the commitment by all Employees, who should be familiar with and understand it, so that they can take it on board and uphold it.

The GTM's mission entails developing and marketing pharmaceutical products and it holds a strong position in the generic medicines segment and focuses heavily on quality and technological innovation, through the motivation and recognition of its Employees, who align their goals and strategies with the needs of the customer, consumer and community.

Whatever the result the GTM aims to achieve, it can only manage to do so because it relies on people who are commited, who make an effort and who strive every day to fulfil the mission which belongs to us all.

1. GTM acknowledges its responsability to its Customers by assuring that it supplies products of excellent quality.

2. GTM acknowledges its responsability to its Employees by taking care ot them, whose career and development are of mutual interest and by providing the opportunity for growth and professional development, backed up by training systems and focusing on performing better, in order to climb up the career ladder.

3. GTM acknowledges its responsability to the economic growth of the country, being an engine of economic and social growth and contributing towards a modern, bold and enterprising country.